Celebrate the Family
Due to COVID-19, or the coronavirus pandemic, the 24th Annual Ruth and Paul Reunion shared meal portion of the weekend will be cancelled.  However, the park and cabin areas are open and you can still join some family members for a relaxing weekend getaway on October 9-11, 2020.  We will practice social distancing and if you want to wear a mask outside then please do what is comfortable for you.  Masks will be required when entering any portion of the lodge. 

We hope to see you all again...plus some new faces! :-)

Travel safely everyone, and let's do our part to stop this pandemic!
We will be in our normal spot as previous years in the lakeside cabins and hillside cabins, and our rates are the same as last year! Go to the Making Reservations page to see the rates for cabins and lodge rooms.  

Please visit the Family Updates page to read about family news that has been going on in the past year, or more. We encourage every family to submit news about their family events and accomplishments, like graduations, weddings, birth announcements, or just plain interesting news, by clicking on "Please Sign Our Guest Book." If your news is not there, we haven't heard about it! You can email Jill at jill.draper@fioptics.com or Jan at jcastanien@comcast.net with any family news you would like posted.